in-car masturbation

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alone in my car... traffic is so heavy to reach work or home... nothing to do... so boring!!!! why don't taking out my goods and start a great and relaxing ? after trying it the first time, exceeding 5 minutes of shame, now i can no longer do without. Anybody do the same? I think that the female part is much more difficult to do so, it may also stain your seats! but i think that even some girls have tried it sometimes! am i wrong?
tell me your stories about your in-car masturbation!


By #505357

Thats so hot. I play with myself in the car and love having my cock out. Its fun especially in a traffic jam!

By #505797

Yes! It is really hot! Sometimes when I travel alone with my car in the highway and there is no traffic, I start caressing my bulge untill my cock becames hard and asks to come out from my pants. At that poi I can't wait more and I keep it out and I stroke it untill I cum! Realli amazing feeling!

By Littletim56

I love being naked in traffic jackingoff. Ive been seen before but im so little they cant see my dick. Its awesome

By #533644

Many times when driving at 2-3 in the morning on a mostly deserted highway, i've pulled my shorts down and played with my dick and balls for miles until finally I have to cum. Then have to clean my fingers off with my tongue. Fantastic.

By baciocco78

Mi č capitato pių volte di farmi una sega sul bus.... sborro dopo pochi minuti per quanto sono eccitato

By TSgurlSindy

I've never masturbated in the car, but I have given a few bj's while in traffic or on the road! Men seem to love road head,and I LOVE to suck,so why not?

By Littletim56

I love mastubating in my truck. I drive big rigs and have been completely naked all the way across the USA. I put clothes on when i go to fuel or a point of entry at each state. I stroke my cock with vasaline so its slick and doent get sore.

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