what's your favourite?? (and maybe why?)

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By qhaos

I'll start, for me is number 12. For me the best for licking
By spermkiss

I agree. Number 12 is indeed the best, well shaped lips and an oh so inviting slot between them. I could lick that pussy for hours and I'm as gay as them come.

Number four is a reasonable second. It looks nice and juicy. Number seven has interesting protruding labia.

Like dicks, pussies come in such an interesting variety of shapes and configurations.

By spermkiss

Pussy Galore.

By bingbangball

#7 I love big lips and cock like clits!

By herbi43

7 big lips forever

By mats01

Nr. 11 is my favourite!!!!

By xme

♥ 9 12 5 ♥

By thor2174

La 9!

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